Chembond Chemicals Limited Launches Previte Alpha D3 (BP Grade): The Purest Form of Vitamin D3
Chembond Chemicals Limited launches Previte Alpha D3 (BP Grade): the purest form of Vitamin D3. Chembond Chemicals Ltd-Animal Health Division prepared a grand technical seminar to announce the launch of its purest bioactive diet D3 metabolite in the enterprise- Previte Alpha D3, at Hotel La Casa Inn, Anand, Gujarat on 10th August 2018. Many famend veterinary docs, consultants, and eminent rooster businessmen attended the occasion. The principal enchantment of the event was our keynote speaker Prof Dr. R.N.S Gowda, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Karnataka Veterinary, Animals and Fisheries Sciences University. The event began by using welcoming of all guests followed through a technical communicate by means of Prof Dr. R.N.S Gowda, the outstanding personality in the eld of Veterinary Pathology, talked about a brand new concept 'Nutrition-Based Health (NBH)'. He highlighted the importance of dietary enhancement to improve the overall hen fitness. He also emphasised how Previte Alpha D3 can help to ensure ordinary NBH. His session became accompanied with the aid of the technical seminar and Previte Alpha D3 launch through Dr. Ramdas S. Kambale, AVP & HOD, Chembond Animal Health Division. "We have taken the privilege of redefining nutrition D3 nutrition via providing the purest, most secure and inexpensive bioactive vitamin D3 metabolite " introduced Dr. Kambale and offormally launched Previte Alpha D3. He elaborated the notable consequences of the institutional trials and diverse trials performed at the economic broiler and layer farms. He concluded that Previte Alpha D3, a BP grade product, will result in main gains through progressed satisfactory, productivity and drastically higher returns for the farmers. Previte Alpha D3 is the ultimate technique to save you TD, egg breakages and to enhance hatchability and normal health. Dr. Kambale, Dr. Sikka, and Mr. Chetan Thaker thanked all of the contributors and emphasised on technical electricity of the enterprise and future vision to promote more such revolutionary nutritional answers to the hen enterprise. About Chembond Chemicals Limited: Chembond Chemicals Limited is a leading manufacturer of products for Industrial Water Treatment, Animal Health, Enzymes, Prebiotics, Probiotics, and different specialty chemicals. Chembond was established in 1975 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Chembond's Animal Health Division has numerous novel merchandise for use in the fowl, aqua, and livestock enterprise based totally on in-house and worldwide studies and development. The important product agencies in the Animal Health and Nutrition region are:- Enzymes, Prebiotics and Probiotics, Acidifiers, Disinfectants and Water Sanitizers, Organic Minerals, Vitamin

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